The Flying Women

As I told you earlier, I had the chance to photograph my friend's aerial dance rehearsals at Katuaq, the cultural center of Nuuk. Katuaq is a really cool place for an aerial performance: it's got flowy architecture and a very roomy space at the foyer with a lot of light and also very handy beams on the roof to hang all your things in!

This flying girl is Maliina, who was also the model in some of my exhibition photos. I've been entertaining the idea of doing a project with her and my sister but won't say more about that now. Maybe in the future, stay tuned... Mysterious pause follows.

The performance will also feature dancer Ruth Montgomery and a Finnish cellist Iida-Alina Poijärvi. The Finns are everywhere in Nuuk now! It amuses me to no end to be able to switch into Finnish during a conversation in Greenland and be able to block other people out for once, hah! That sounds mean, but sometimes it can be pretty frustrating being in company where everybody else speaks languages I don't understand or know. People easily switch into their first language in a conversation with others who know it, they do it automatically and I feel bad trying to make them speak English if I'm the only one who won't understand.

I think I understand Danish a little bit better now than I did when I came to Greenland for the first time but I still understand only very little. Swedish and Norwegian sound almost easy now. Though not easy enough that I could follow every conversation. But if people ask me something simple, I can usually get it.

Photos from the actual performance later!


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