The Day After

My exhibition is done! In honor of that, I have already had a nap today even if it's barely noon and also eaten three pieces of chocolate cake. Whatevs. I'll cry about being fat another day. In Tara. Sorry.

It was a long-ish weekend, standing at the abandoned house for four hours a day, breathing in the mold and slowly freezing myself. I had a heater but it had earlier tipped over (not my fault, for once) and the oil came out, so it was useless. I had a lot of clothes on but it was still pretty chilly. Saturday was horribly ugly and rainy but I still had some visitors. Sunday was sunnier and I had maybe a few more visitors. Still not a huge amount, I wish there would have been more, but I guess there wasn't really that much publicity for this, it's kind of remote and it's a small town. I wish I could get the message out more but, well, my means are quite limited here. I'll see what I can do and if I can con somebody into helping me with an article I wrote about this.

I mostly had good reactions. There were a few pieces, or one particular piece that I knew could be quite controversial. I'm glad nobody got mad, mostly people were just disturbed by it, but then again that was kind of the point. Hell, I was disturbed by it. Making it was unpleasant. So, to recap, there weren't a lot of people but I mostly got good feedback. One lady took photos, posted them to her instagram with the text: "Important pop-up art exhibition marinating, filtrating and fermenting the stories of sexually abused women." I felt really proud about that. Thank you, nice lady!

I was really hyper after the exhibition so after I'd eaten a lot and watched the new season of Kimmy Schmidt, I went for an evening walk near Inuk Hostels, near the area people call ghost town. I always swear I will no longer try taking photos of Sermitsiaq because they never come out really describing how huge and gorgeous the mountain is, but as you can see, I ended up with a memory card full of good ol' saddle mountain. In the above pictures, there's actually a seal, if you look carefully and the word "puisi" which unsurprisingly stands for "seal" in Greenlandic.

Above, you can see a nice little island. Low tide turns it into a little peninsula and reveals this cute seaweed lagoon. You can actually cross there when the tide is low enough but I was afraid to. I'd probably get stuck there and be too embarrassed to call for help so I'd have stay in that island until the next low tide and probably eat my thighs or something. I have finally learned something about tides. There's actually a website that tells you when there's a high tide and when a low one. Earlier I thought it was like every morning but here the tides are much stronger and more visible so I realized it can't really be that simple. I'm still not sure what are all the things that affect the tide but at least now I can check when they're coming and going. 

So here are some nature pictures of Nuuk in the evening. I will now attempt to calm down a bit. Maybe clean up my shit around the residency. My last week has started and I'm hoping the weather will be nice so I can enjoy my last days here. Still have some work to do but I dearly wish I will also have some time to just rest. I'm feeling I really need a break. I need to finish all the projects I'm doing now, which will probably get me until the end of this year, and then maybe just have like six months where I won't take on any projects at all. If I get a job that pays, I will obviously take it, but then only do that job. Nothing else. Just try to stop all this trying. It's wearing me down.

I know this is a conversation I have with myself all the time. People who know me have had this conversation with me at least once a month. But I need to get somewhere with it. I feel as if I'm putting in a lot of effort and I'm not sure there's a lot coming back from it. I don't know. Calming down. Taking a break.

(By the way, I don't think the crows were very impressed with my raven/Mean Girls mash-up. The night after I posted that, I had a dream of crow pecking my eyes out. Not cool, guys.)


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