The Spring

Spring is here, finally. For real. I think now we're in a place where I can actually call it spring. Most the roads are clear and I can actually see all of my balcony now. Also all the little "gifts" ravens have left me. Nice, you guys. Really mature.

It feels a lot like in Kainuu, in Eastern Finland here now. The coming spring is peeling off the snow and underneath, there's moss being revealed, and as the sun hits it, it creates this heady scent that I've known since childhood. And now, sitting here, I here an insistent hunting dog barking outside and that's like the signature sound of Kainuu. Everybody has a hunting dog that's always barking. Mind you, it's fine with me, a lot of people are annoyed by dogs barking but that sound, like the smell of the moss, is something that brings back thoughts of childhood summers.

It's the same with dust. As the snow melts, we're getting a lot of dust and gravel on the roads. It could be annoying but the scent of it, heated by the sun, that also signal spring. I like it! This morning I took out the trash and was reminded of Japan, when you had to get really early in the morning to take out your garbage on a specific day so you got out of bed, took out the garbage and stepped into the sun and heat, with the crickets singing in the quiet calm morning that was already sort of scorching hot, your eyes still not fully open. And there you go, walking through small streets with crabs scuttling to hide, listening to the sound of your flipflops and nodding good morning to old Japanese ladies.

I remember the weirdest things sometimes. But memories are pretty important to me, to be able to bring back the feeling of a moment. I always just wish I could go back, but the truth is, you never can. I want to remember seeing that whale, because that short little moment was really awesome. I'm always worried about taking enough photos and telling a story through them but in the end, there are so many aspects of a moment you can't record in a photo. I should just learn how to appreciate the moment and take it in.

My skin smells like sun. Did I say that already? I'm also getting a really weird tan, which I'm not sure you can actually call it a tan because it's red, focused on my cheeks and there's a horrible tan line right under my chin. But can't really help it. So now I'm red in the face and green in the hair.

I've had a busy few days, I've had a few photoshoots and all the shoots and photo editing is starting to pile up. I have to have my stuff ready for print by Monday and I'm still missing a few photoshoots. I might not be able to do them before my exhibition because of everybody's timetables being a bit challenging. But I'll show them in Finland and maybe here later too, if I'm lucky. I have a few articles to finish too and I probably should clean my room. It's an explosion of black fabric I've bought from the second hand shop and tried to mold into something for my models to wear. It's everywhere.

I'm starting to get a bit worried about that dog barking now. It's been barking for a really long time and yesterday it was outside the whole day, I guess the owners went to work and left it outside. That's not cool.


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