The Little Boxes

Nuuk is a city of contrasts, and extremes, or that's what people say. Seeing this city as a frontier is a bit hard for me because I live in a sort of a similar place. But nothing makes the contrast more clear than the industrial districts beside majestic mountains and the sea.

The sea surrounds us everywhere, the city is built basically on a big, undulating rock on the beach of a set of fjords. Don't let the word fool you, fjords are gorgeous. Or if you're a Scandinavian, do let it fool you, I actually think it's kind of a beautiful word. Anyway, the nature is heart-stopping and then... Then we find these multicolored, dirty, sharp boxes and factories and industrial buildings and boats that ruin the scenery. I like my industrial shabby chic and burnt textures as much as the next urban explorer, but with nature, the contrast is really super sharp. So I decided to try and see some beauty in them. I also am a big buff for architecture and symmetry.

So, the other day I went to explore this area and also found the dreaded stairs I already told you about. The other set goes down from Nuuk City, just after the pass, and into the industrial harbour area. The other goes up from there, to Nuussuaq. I don't know how many steps there are all in all. Maybe 50? I did want to climb them all up and down. And boy did I get stairs for my trouble.

Then I walked around the hilltop community of Nuussuaq a bit and then came back down through the industry area. I was taking photos and when I turned around, I just saw a man disappearing behind a snow bank with two puppies chasing him! What! I tried to follow them (from a respectful distance) but they were already gone. Come back puppies! They were running so happily, their big puppy paws bouncing and their floppy puppy ears fluttering behind them! That man must have been one of the happiest men on earth. Oh puppies!


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