The Weather

You might have noticed I complain about the weather a lot. It's kind of my thing. The weather here is also incredibly changeable, one minute it's one thing and the next, it's another. Last weekend it suddenly went from dingy, gray and suffocating to gorgeous summer with some snow pasted on.

It was quite incredible. It was sunny and actually incredibly warm. It was so warm that when you sat down (or fell down, in my case) on the snow, you were surprised that it was freezing. We went up the Inspector's Hill (that's what I'm told it's called) behind the museum to take some photos and I could see the whole of Nuuk. The weather affects visibility so much here, it's almost impossible to realize it. I could actually see the other side of the city. Never realized it before from up there.

On top of the two hills surrounding the centre of Nuuk, there are these radio/weather equipment. They often block the view and photos but I actually really like the antennae. I like the space-y feeling you get. Makes me want to watch Gravity. There's actually some Greenlandic in the movie, at some point Sandra Bullock's character tries to make a call and ends up talking to people in Greenland. Also makes me think of The Martian and Interstellar but I have watched both recently (The Martian many times because it was on CMore) and only tolerate Intersteallar for the visuals, the music and Jessica Chastain. Nolan and McCounaghey are both so overrated. But I'll stop before I go into my Nolan rant.

Anyway, I went up the hill to try out some photos with a local dancer for my project. My ideas for the photos are still quite scattered so I'm not a hundred percent sure of where I'm going but I'm trying. I usually just have to get at it and see what pops out. I don't have a very streamlined or sophisticated process, mostly it's just throwing ideas I like in, shaking hard and then seeing what pops out. But it was nice to take some artsy photos and try to figure out where I'm going.

Here's the dancer, Maliina and my little helper Annaliisa, the other Finn in Nuuk I've hanging out a lot with. It's really cool that there are so many lovely ladies here, ready to help out. I owe you girls! We took some photos and then we just sat and enjoyed the weather, it was so incredibly beautiful. We should have had a picnic with us. I think that was the first day Nuuk actually looked like what all the pictures of Greenland look like.

Then yesterday I went to try downhill skiing near the airport. I haven't actually done that in 17 years, I think. We used to do it at school on in the spring but that was like way before they had sliced bread. The hills were a bit steep, but the view was great and despite being a bit scared, it went fine. Again, the weather was to die for. Skiing is really hard on your legs, though! My calves were burning from just the first trip down. Plus my knees have been killing me for a few days, which is a bit hard considering I live in a house with stairs. But you just gotta deal. I've taken my meds for arthritis but in the end I'm not sure any medicine really works for that. Damn knees. One day I'll kick your ass. 

It's raining again as I'm writing this, by the way. But raining water. It's actual water coming down from the sky and it's taking the snow with it! This morning I woke up to being able to open my window! There's still a lot of snow but a lot less than there was a few days ago. Now I just have to hope there won't be another snowstorm. Please please please!


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