Day 57

My waiting continues. I decided to put my last* money into the cruise, no matter how silly it might be. I just don't think I'll have a lot opportunities to go on cruises in Greenland so I feel I really just have to do it. I'm going tomorrow so I'll still have today and Sunday left for other stuff. Sometimes I feel I need to have something set on my calendar for every day or otherwise I feel I'm just floating around. It's a bit dumb because I really want some unscheduled time for just relaxing and clearing my brain. But if I have that, I panic because all of sudden, I have become untethered!

There's a really insistent, annoying sound echoing around the residency. It repeats itself between every 5 to 8 seconds (yes, I timed it) and sounds like this hiss and then a slow knock knock. It's been slowly driving me insane. It's like torture. I don't know if it's been there all this time and I just haven't paid attention or did it just start yesterday. I think it's the water heater or the pipes since the sound comes from the cellar. A lot of weird noises come from there. Sometimes the door shakes. Last evening I went to just stare at the door because I was so annoyed. I'm about 95% sure the latch was locked. I went to sleep, with earplugs. In the morning, I went to give the door the evil eye again and noticed the latch was open. I closed it. The sound stopped for maybe an hour. Then it began again.

I honestly do not know what's happening, if it's me being paranoid or if there's like, I don't know, some little demon around here annoying me. I'm not a hundred percent sure about the latch but I distinctly remember looking at it (because I have to sometimes check that it really is locked) and I think I would have noticed if it had been unlatched.

Like I've said before, I don't necessarily believe in supernatural things, or I won't believe in them unless I experience them in a situation where it's apparent without a doubt that there's something there. Doesn't mean I'm not creeped out by weird experiences, though. Sometimes in here I feel there's something standing behind the door or the shower curtain and I'll come face to face with it when I open the door or pull the shower curtain aside. Somebody would say that it's a feeling and it means something. I'm inclined to believe it's my imagination, because it really likes to run away and have a litter of babies under the porch, so to speak. I imagine a lot of weird scenarios in my head, I think it's my way of being prepared for things. A lot of them never happen. But I guess this is the thin line between me and people who have supernatural experiences: they interpret things as being a sign or a communication from the other side and I'm on the fence and usually try to discard things.

Well, whether or not there's something here, so far it hasn't killed me or done other stuff than be annoying and vaguely scary. Maybe we can still co-exist for a few days. If not, I'll go sleep in that little burnt down shack up the hill. It's tolerably warm for Greenland already.

Today was a pretty day. Very warm and sunny and I even got to go outside in my sneakers. I'm so happy to be selecting my footwear by how they look and not by how well they are able to keep me standing among snow and ice. I'd like to do the shoe throw from Wild but I have so many crap shoes here I'm dying to get rid of that I might be sued by Greenpeace if I start tossing them about. I think I'll be shocked by the heat in Finland when I go back, after this. But I guess at least my knees will be better there. They're pretty insufferable now, don't even want to think about how they'll be in the airplane.

Yesterday I went up the hill to take some self-portraits. I wasn't the only one with that idea, after a few shots three people came up to do a photo shoot. It was a bit embarrassing, I don't think either me or the other photographer wanted to take pictures with another photographer watching but neither did either one of us want to just leave after going through the trouble of climbing up. In the end I persisted and they left. Sorry guys! They seemed like very nice people. I also saw some crazy people playing with parachutes. I'm not sure what this is called, skydiving? Paragliding? They didn't jump from a plane, I think they just climbed up and then went down with the wind. It looks cool and I'd love to try it out but not next to a freezing ocean. Risky business, that is.

* When I say my last money, I mean I do still have money to pay the rent etc. I'm not an expert money manager nor do I have a lot of it but I'm usually okay with my pennies. Having written this, I now realize my car will probably break down soon because I foolishly made a little brag about money. Oh well.


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