The Cruise I

Earlier this week I got to go on a cruise! It was by Tupilak Travel, it was a boat tour to the icefiord outside Nuuk.

The day began in a way that's very typical to Nuuk: I got up really early and went to wait for the bus. The little town was suddenly bright despite days of snow blizzards, it was quiet and beautiful and I was elated. Then, five minutes later, I realized the bus wasn't going to come and the snow came back in full force so I had to walk to the Atlantic harbour with all of my heavy stuff (I love my 70-200mm but by God it's as heavy as all of humanity's sins), snow pouring on me almost horizontally. It was quite unpleasant.

However, when we got out of Nuuk, the weather cleared up as if by magic! The boat sped up and off we went. The boat went pretty fast but I had to be on deck because I wanted photos. The air was cold but it was really exhilarating; I actually really enjoyed bumping along the waves and even sliding around on the deck. If you get easily seasick, cruises might not be for you, but then again, why would you go on a cruise if you get easily seasick? I'm pretty lucky I don't, I really enjoy it. It's like being on a ride in an enjoyment park or something. Plus at some point the movement of the ocean starts to feel really relaxing. I was just standing there, leaning on the boat, being waved by the... waves, and I got this really zen feeling. I understand why people want to go into the boating or fishing business.

We were surrounded by mountains and the sun came out. The mountains and sea, the light lingering in the snow in the distance, it was so beautiful. There's not a lot to say to explain it. The mountains never look as big in photos as they do in real life. I don't know how to explain them other than saying they're gorgeous.

The trip was supposed to take us to the glacier and then to the abandoned settlement of Qoornoq, but the ice situation was a bit tough so we couldn't go very close to either. We stopped near the glacier anyway and had lunch overlooking the view, small icebergs softly bumping into the boat. We had three sandwiches: one with fish, one with meatball and sauce and one with shrimp and eggs. It all felt very Enid Blyton, having lunch outside, with the seagulls dancing around us. Food really does taste better when you eat outside. We were also joined by another boat.

I was a bit disappointed that we couldn't see the abandoned houses, though when we passed Qoornoq, there were some children playing there so I guess it's not as abandoned as I though. Or maybe they were ghost children?! Not really, I think the area has a lot of remodeled houses too and people from Nuuk often go there for vacations. I'll try to find another abandoned settlement and figure out a way to get there. Maybe Kangeq, people have said it's a cool place for abandoned house -hunting.

Then we headed back and just took in the sights. After lunch, I started to feel really tired and I think I fell asleep for a while, the waves rocking me into a lovely stupor. We stopped to look at a really high mountain that doesn't even have snow, apparently it's so high the snow just falls off.

The water is really an incredible color when you get out of Nuuk. I'm not sure why it is, maybe it's because of fresh water coming from the glacier or something. The water turns more murky and blue once you return to town. But out there, it's turqoise and so clear. It has to be incredibly deep for you not to be able to see the bottom. There's something tropical about it, despite the cold you just feel you almost want to jump in.

Then we headed back and just like magic again, the snowstorm took over when we returned to the harbour. I swear, everytime I go to the Atlantic harbour, it snows. And then I have to walk back up the hill, carrying all my gear.

But anyway, it was a lovely cruise and I really want to take another one too. Especially one when it's warmer and maybe I could also see whales. There's been one whale sighting at the Colonial harbour but I just missed it. I went there yesterday to wait but no whales came, even if I tried to think very deep, big thoughts about sun etc so that they would be lured to give a me good picture. But no whales. I hope there will be some later.

I had a dream I saw one. I also had a dream about the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and at the end of it, they sailed into the present day and then into some gene-manipulation compound where they were making weird children with weird powers. And then they ate anonymous-berries and everybody but Barbossa forgot who they were and then the movie cut off. Waiting for the sequel, I guess...?  Let's hope my whale dream will be a bit more accurate in guessing the future.

More photos of the cruise later on!


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