The First Snow

Our opening went really well! We had almost 150 visitors and the museum was full. And I didn't have to speak aloud to a crowd so that was also good.

I got a lot of good feedback for the video I made. I was really touched by that! I'm often very unsure of myself and my art (surprise, surprise) but I think this is the first time that strangers just came and spoke to me about something I've done and thanked me for doing it. For that moment, it all felt worth it. I saw some people watching the video and listening to story and covering their mouth in horror and sadness and as horrible as that is, that was kind of the reaction you're going for. When you see that, you feel like okay, my work is done. It doesn't have to be big, it doesn't have to be worldwide, but if you see just a few people reached by what you do, it makes it feel important. That you succeeded.

I also chatted a lot with the other artists. It's always great to share experiences with other artists. I wish the residency here would have had more than one artist at a time, it makes all the difference to have other artists around to bounce your ideas off of. I know it wasn't logistically possible but that's something that's really fruitful in residencies.

When the exhibition was done, we went to have dinner at the community center where all the Nuuk Nordisk artists can eat (for free) and hang out. The others went to have a drink after that but I, true to myself, wanted to go rest already. As I walked back to my hotel, it started snowing. It's first snow for me, even if not for Nuuk, and it was these big, fluffy snowflakes just covering the whole city. Quite beautiful.

I'm okay with the snow now, because I did get to see what it looks like here without it. First snow is always nice and air is still breezy and crisp and it feels even more like Christmas here. I still miss home a lot, though! I'm not sure why, this is such a short stay. Maybe I've been running around so much all this year, maybe I really do need a break.


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