Day -17

Guess where I'm going next? Greenland! In 18 days, I will be flying to Greenland's capital city Nuuk! I will be going to another residency, spending two months at the Nuuk Art Museum trying to be a real serious photography artist again. Can you believe it? I almost can't. Maybe I'll believe it when I'm there. The adventure continues.

This doggy is not from Greenland, I met him - or her, can't remember - in Kuusamo in February. I just wanted to post something with snow and a winter-y feeling. We were there shooting a webseries and visited a lovely huskyfarm Hidden Trail Kennel. They had adorable and dorky dogs of all sizes and shapes.

I thought there would be a lot of huskies in Greenland, but actually they have a separate dog breed, the Greenland dog, which is a pretty fierce species that can probably take pretty much anything thrown at it. They do look like huskies but are a little bit wilder, bigger and fluffier. I hope I will have a chance to try dogsledding or at least hang out with some puppies.

Greenland seems to be a pretty expensive place, though it's easy to understand as they have to import almost everything. I guess the fish is cheap? Sadly I am not a good cook and have only gutted a fish once in junior high and will not be doing that again. I've been pretty occupied with what it's going to be like in there and have probably annoyed all my friends and family with my constant Greenland chatter. "I wonder how cold it is in there? I wonder what I'll eat? I wonder if they sell my favorite brand of chocolate in there? Or how about Libresse? I can't use any other brands of maxipads than Libresse!" But that's a serious concern. I take my comfort seriously.

They also don't have a lot of shops, which is good because in Japan I shopped a bit more than I should have. I think it's a tourist thing: you're in a new place, you buy a lot of stuff the everyday you wouldn't even consider buying. And then you have to pay for extra weight for your luggage. And pay for a whole another extra bag. And ship two boxes back home by mail. True story.

At least in Nuuk I won't be able to spend so much money on things I don't really need. Now I'm only afraid I'll find a lot of really fascinating bones and want to take them all back to Finland. And that's really not gonna be cheap.

It's the same as with Japan, it's hard not to constantly speculate what life is going to be like in a different place, even if you know you really can't know in advance. But you imagine anyway. Like, imagine a land with no trees? What that's going to be like? In Finland, I'm constantly surrounded by trees. I love forests, though I'm not that often in awe of them, because I see them all the time. Sometimes the constant green annoys me; in winter I always think "oh it's gonna be so great taking photos in summer again!" But then, in summer, the green is so overpowering that every photo I take ends up looking like a cheery graduation photo.

In Greenland, I hope I'll get a chance to photo glaciers and rocks and ice and wind and all sorts of interesting people. I have certain project ideas in mind but it's a bit early to talk about them. I hope everything goes well. Here's a few more funny dogs.


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