Day -4

The day of my departure is getting closer! I'm having a lot of trouble focusing on anything else than leaving. It's pretty frustrating; there's still four days until I'm going to arrive in Nuuk and I do have other stuff I should think about. But I can't. When I left for Japan, I had a really busy month, I think I was working on three projects so I didn't really have time to think about leaving, or even packing, so it wasn't such a distraction. But now I've been in a sort of a holding pattern because of a project that's in a stand-still and I've had way too much time to think. That does, however, lead into me being, dare I say, being better prepared! Last time I did most of my packing on the day of my flight and was completely out of my mind. Now I've had time to look through travel hacks and stress myself out of my mind because there's no way I can ever manage to get everything I need for two months into a suitcase and I just can't stop thinking about if I should take two or three coats? What if it gets suddenly warm and I only have a huge winter coat? Travel hacks are of no help. Lifehacks in general are much overrated. I always end up looking at them but then it's something like "fill your shoes with small objects to save space" and I'm like "yes, I already knew that you imbecile, that's not hacking!" And then I need to calm down.

Or that one lifehack that suggested you tape the locks of your doors in so kids can't lock the doors. If your kids are old enough to understand locks and handles, I'm pretty sure they know how to remove tape. People who know nothing should not be allowed to write lifehacks.

Spring is already here in Finland, or at least getting there. We're getting a lot of sunlight, little floods on the side of road and that crap smell you get at spring, the one you can only tolerate because it signals spring. In Nuuk I think the winter is still in full force, from what I've read it seems like they're running about a month behind is in weather, and of course the summer is shorter. I really hope some of the snow will melt in May at least, I'd like to see the nature in there without snow as well. I hope at some point I will be able to visit Greenland in summer too. They have the same midnight sun we do in summer and I'm sure it's pretty magnificent in there.

Fun fact: Nuuk is actually pretty much on the same circle of latitude as Oulu, where I live. Because the Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic Drift, our weather is a bit warmer but we have the same amount of light. It might be our weather is very similar too, who knows. It can be pretty hard to tell just by what you read, especially because most of the information about Greenland for foreigners is for people from warmer countries. If they say something like "the temperature can drop to bone chilling -5 degrees Celsius", I'm just laughing. Minus five is nothing, guys! That's when I put on my summer coat! It's the same as it is with Game of Thrones ads. Winter is coming, my ass. I'm Finnish, I'm not scared of winter. You sweet summer child, I've lived through 33 winters. I've stood in the snow with bare feet!

Okay, only once and then I got out pretty quickly but anyway. I have.

(The top photo is a view of my hometown Oulu, taken from the frozen sea last year.)


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