The Airplane

I should start with saying the 9-plus-airplane ride wasn't as bad as I feared it could be. Not nice, but not as bad. I was seated next to a Brit, I think, or maybe an Irishman? Polite and withdrawn with a sort of an Brit/Irish accent, anyway, could mean Welsh or something too. Sorry you guys in the UK! I guess it might make you feel insulted if I can't tell your accents apart! Most often I can tell Scottish apart though.

When we were filling out immigration forms, I saw him take out a paper that had a blueprint of a house in it, so I guess he's actually moving here. I wonder what that feels like. He was really quiet and I kind of wished he would have been a bit more talkative because I was sort of nervous and maybe would have liked to talk. Also I'm the kind of person who has to run to the toilet A LOT. Especially if I know going to the toilet will be a chore and always include climbing over a stranger and therefore not easy. So obviously I have to pee every two seconds. I kept waiting for him to go to the bathroom so I could run to the other bathroom without him seeing me go ALL THE TIME. 

The leg space was a lot tinier than I expected, I was hoping for more than in short flights but nope. Not good for my knees. When I fly home, I'm going to splurge on the economy comfort seat just for the damn leg space. I think it takes a very specific type of person to be able to sleep sitting in that position and alas, I am not that person.

They served a few meals and there was also in-flight entertainment which was new to me! I spent a few hours re-watching Batman versus Superman: The Dawn of Justice or actually just watching the bits with Wonder Woman in them and some bits with Batfleck. He's not as bad as everybody says. I actually don't think Supes is even that bad as everybody says, but maybe that's just because I was never a huge Superman fan so I'm not so invested in how he's portrayed. Lex Luthor is the worst, though, I think. I can't understand how Zack Snyder got that into the script (Yes, blame the screenwriter if you want but I will blame Snyder). It was like Snyder was trying to recreate Joker but then sort of make him legit and a businessman and then also kind of an author avatar because let's face it, Lex in this movie is totally Snyder. I will never understand how Snyder is actually married to real live woman and one who will actually produce his movies.

I managed to sleep for maybe three hours. It was a induced sleep and luckily some of my migraine prevention meds make me drowsy. I don't think I would have been able to sleep otherwise. There was this horrible moment, just before we took off, when a baby started crying inconsolably and I just thought I'm not gonna make it, I'm gonna die of panic. But I'm still alive. 

It was nice looking at the clouds. I wish I could have seen more of the things we were passing. I think I saw a shade of white, snow-covered mountains over Russia, or maybe I imagined it. It will never stop amazing me how easy it can be to move so great distances these days. And how you can do it sitting for hours in a huge bucket made of God knows what. It felt like we were racing the sun; going from Europe to Asia was like the day and night in fast-forward. We see the sun go down fast and then rise fast as well. The light playing on the clouds was lovely.


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