The Work

This is a big day! I will have a model coming in from Fukuoka and we're going to do some shooting outside. I'm excited but also kind of worried that something will go wrong. Sometimes that just happens. I'm always nervous before a shoot. As stupid as it may sound, you never really know what will come out of a shoot. I supposed I should plan and know in advance but the truth is, I never exactly do. I might have some picture in my head of what I would like to do, but in the end the situation might change. Sometimes I draw the photos I want on paper (with really ugly stick figures) and sometimes that exact picture will come out, but other times, in the actual situation, that photo will look really stupid.

In fact, sometimes the photos I didn't plan for in advance are the ones I like most. If you get the photo you were planning for, exactly, it can seem a bit boring sometimes. But it varies pretty wildly. You can never be entirely sure. Plus, when you have a model, I feel I have the duty to make something she will be happy with so there's always a bit of pressure to perform. The models might not feel that themselves, but I always feel it.

And all in all, I'm just the kind of person who's anxious about everything and anything. So of course I will be anxious about creating the photos.

I've taken some practice shots with some of my lovely residency mates. It was a really good idea, because now I have a much better feeling of what I want to do and what will work. At first I thought I'd take a lot of photos inside, because I like the Japanese houses and the lights, with paneled doors and muted tones. But in the end I feel like taking photos outside. My model is from Fukuoka, so she's not so afraid of the forest bugs as we foreigners are. I don't think I could convince my residency mates to go into the forest to pose for me.

I am super grateful to them for posing, though. I feel we're having a really great and inspirational atmosphere here at the house. Also, this is a house of three women who all love food so there's that. We just sit around all day long talking about chocolate and tasting each other's cooking. I kid, I kid. Nobody eats my cooking, because I don't cook. I can't cook worth shit. Luckily the two other ladies in the house can. I enjoy buying ready-made meals, they're actually really lovely here. I will soon try to cook fish, though, or something.

But it's the greatest when you can go to the fridge in the middle of the night to get some chocolate and then you meet your roomie and neither of you has to say anything because you both know why you're there and you both understand. Food brings people together.

This morning, a food van came to this area. It's this little car and it has one of those jingles that it plays so people know it's here. I went and bought some stuff, and at the van, there were all these old Japanese ladies who were so adorable. Like Preema, my other housemate said: "I just want to take them all home!". I love looking at them talking to each other, trading news and gossip and even if I don't understand them, they sound so homey. I would love to listen to all their stories, because they must have a mountain of information that we don't have. So many different kinds of experiences. Plus it's comforting to know that in every neighborhood there are these old ladies made of iron, who have seen all kinds of things and experienced all kinds of things and I don't think anything can shake them. Now they just want to take it easy and chat with their friends. 


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